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    Perfect Weather Year-Round with Old Dutch Charm!

Aruba is just off the coast of Venezuela, and the smallest of the ABC Islands, which include Bonaire and Curacao. Aruba was made for vacationers with its perfect weather, white sandy beaches and bright turquoise waters. Aruba is also a very popular cruise port that welcomes beach goers and shoppers alike!

Most of those that visit Aruba stay in Oranjestad, the capital city, or at some of the popular resorts located throughtout Palm and Eagles beaches. The rest of the island remains quite bare with no more than cacti, goats and the very popular divi divi tree. This oddly bent over tree is caused by the constant trade winds, which also keep those small pesky insects away!

Shopping and sun worshipping is only a touch of what Aruba has to offer. There are some amazing diving spots along the reefs, windsurfing at Fisherman's Hut is incredible, and Deep-sea fishing is offered through many of the major resort chains on the island.

General Information


The electric current is 127 volts, 60Hz. A flat two and three pin plugs are standard in Aruba. The Schuko plug and receptable with side grounding contacts may also be used.


In Aruba, the official language is Dutch, however English and Spanish are widely spoken and are also taught in schools. Most islanders speak the native language Papiamento.


There are no special health requirements for visitors to Aruba, except for those travelling from yellow fever infected countries, which need to present an immunisation certificate. Aruba has experienced occasional outbreaks of Dengue Fever, the use of insect repellent is recommended. Some types of fish, including some of the tropical reef fish are poisonous even when cooked. Health care in Aruba is very good, there is one hospital with three classes of service which is dependent on the patients insurance. Health insurance is highly recommended for visitors. The food and water are considered safe to consume.


A 10% or 15% tip is added to restaurant, bar and room service bills in most areas throughout Aruba. If not, it is custom to trip 10-20% depending on the service. Taxi's should be tipped 15% and porters usually expect $1.00 US per bag.


Crime is not a usually a major problem in Aruba, but tourists should not excuse the use of common sense precautions by using the in-room safes and taking care when walking at night.


The international access code for Antigua and Barbuda is +297. The outgoing code is 00 followed by the relevant country code. A GSM network covers the island. Mobile phones are available to rent and internet cafes are widely available in tourist areas.

Duty Free

Travellers to Aruba over 18 years of age do not have to pay duty on 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars. 1 litre of alcohol and gift articles to the value of f100.


The Aruban Florin (AWG) is the official currency. US Dollars are accepted everywhere and other major currencies can be exchanged at banks. Credit and Debit cards are widely accepted with ATMs very common in Oranjestad. Travellers cheques are also widely accepted and should be in either US Dollars or Euros to avoid any additional charges.

Entry Requirements

Valid passports are required for Canadian citizens and we suggest that passports be valid for six months after departure. Visas are generally not required for stays less than one month. Visitors must hold confirmed onward or return tickets and sufficient funds to cover their period of intended stay or could be refused entry.

Please note that passport and visa requirements are subject to change with short notice. Please contact us for all up to date entry requirements for nationals of any country.

Tourist Board

Aruba Tourism

Oranjestad: +297 582 3777


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